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Super motor carbon fiber wheel, for user to pursuit of faster lap time and faster acceleration. To achieve the purpose of win the race, we have developed 3.5X17"and 5.0X17" as the mainstream size for super motor racing sport. Open model for all range of bike and racer.

Carbon motocross wheel with the best climbing performance pursuit stability and flexibility both the demand. Whether it is acceleration, climbing, downhill, jump can easily achieve the best results. We have developed the 2.15X19"and 1.60X21" is the motocross sports mainstream.


Carbon fiber wheel rim owns features such as high rigidity and shock absorption. The exclusive technology allows the carbon fiber super motor rims became the key to victory in competition.

With shock-absorbing capacity, better rigidity and ultra-light weight, and the exclusive technology, makes carbon fiber motocross wheel the key to victory in motocross races.


Rim Material : Full Carbon fiber 12K、3K、UD.

Rim Size (Weight) :

3.50X17" (1700g ± 3%)->more info...

5.00X17" (2000g ± 3%)->more info...

2.15X19" (1340g ± 3%)->more info...

1.60X21" (1250g ± 3%)->more info...

Origin : Taiwan.

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